Battery-powered clothes draw power from the sun

As a science fiction fan, I’ve spent my life waiting for the day the government offers matching silver bodysuits to everyone. Instead, said government spends its time barely operating, and all we get is battery-powered clothing.

On second thought, electronic clothing is way cooler than matching bodysuits. That industry is slowly gaining momentum, and it includes a fairly vast array of possibilities. At present, it’s almost totally speculation, because there’s always been the issue of powering electronic clothing. That hurdle may have finally been jumped. A journal piece in ACA Journal Nano Letters announced the creation of solar-powered batteries that can be woven into textiles. The electrode composite and nickel would literally be inside the fiber strands woven into a shirt.

The technology itself opens a world that, until now, has been nothing more than speculation. Let’s say we have battery-powered clothing. Then let’s say we can wirelessly connect that clothing to our smart phones. The possibilities from there are endless.

Clothing that you could create illuminated patterns on. Clothes that monitor your vital signs or are fixed with sensors that help keep folks aware of their surroundings. Clothing that can help guide the blind or that could record and translate voice to text for the deaf.

The news doesn’t sound sexy in and of itself: a battery was created. But when the first batteries were created, the world of portable technology changed forever. That could be happening again, right now.

And I, for one, couldn’t be happier that we’ve got this instead of matching bodysuits.

Via Science Daily

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