Weird flying car spied in Mountain View

Credit: Greg Espiritu

A secretive little company in Mountain View, California just might be building itself a strange-looking flying car. The company itself is in stealth mode, so details are scant, but the few tantalizing images which lucky passersby have been able to snap paint a picture of a whirling, airborne car that's like nothing else we've seen.

The company is called Zee.Aero, and despite being snuggled up right next to Google, its head of HR (and the man listed as inventing this vehicle) Ilan Kroo denies being affiliated with the tech giant. Whether or not there is an affiliation, it's clear someone has been filling Zee.Aero's coffers. The image above (taken from a helicopter) is actually about a year old, meaning that this flying car has already been in the works for a while.

The people who snapped these images might not have realized quite what they had, simply thinking that they had caught a glimpse of some sort of new drone. But a new patent, filed this August by Zee.Aero, leaves little doubt. An image in the patent filing shows the flying car parked between a family sedan and a station wagon. If that's not an indication that this vehicle is meant to become a flying family vehicle, we're not sure what is.

The vehicle has a total of ten propellers, eight of which face upward and would be used in vertical take-offs and to keep the flying car aloft. The other two propellers are situated at the vehicle's rear and would provide the majority of the forward thrust. As of yet, nobody has come forward with an image of this thing in flight, so we can't quite tell how far Zee.Aero's flying car has come in the last year or so. Here's hoping a big announcement is coming in the near future.

USPTO, via SF Gate

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