Evena Medical invents X-ray specs, kids everywhere rejoice

Credit: Evena Medical

A new medical headset can do what kids all over the globe have been pretending their cardboard X-ray specs can for generations: seeing right through things. But this isn't some Superman super power packed into a Google Glass-style device. Actually, it's a highly sophisticated medical device built on proven technology.

Developed in partnership with Epson, Evena Medical's new headset is called the Eyes-On Glasses System. It can be used by medical professionals to locate veins underneath your skin. When these show up in your local doctor's office, you'll be able to say goodbye to the days of a lab tech digging around in your arm haphazardly. Believe it or not, an Evena spokesman says that about 40 percent of all intravenous needles need multiple stabs to find a vein. That's a lot of unnecessary pain.

The way the headset works is by imaging a patients veins with a pair of X-ray cameras and then overlaying the digital data onto what its wearer sees. The result is a real time image of the patient's skin, with the veins underneath exposed. The headset can also save video of what it sees, allowing doctors to check the health of a patient's veins over the duration of a hospital stay.

The Eyes-On Glasses System can be logged into remotely, sharing what it sees with doctors and technicians who may be further afield but are interested in a patient's progress. Yeah, okay, so maybe that's pretty super after all.

Evena Medical, via Fast Company

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