Transforming Kawasaki concept debuts at Tokyo Motor Show

The heyday of the electric motorcycle may be fast approaching. At least, that's what motorcycle manufacturers like Kawasaki would have us believe. A number of electric choppers and scooters are already out there, but as the electric motorcycle market grows, so does the extremeness of their designs.

The Kawasaki J is a new three-wheeled electric hog just unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. With a low, swooping stance, the J initially strikes all the right notes that we expect from a futuristic bike concept. On closer inspection, however, this strange little vehicle's design is anything but traditional.

Entirely lacking handlebars, the J instead has a pair of arms affixed to its twin front wheels, which riders are meant to grip. The design is reminiscent of something between that of a Star Wars speeder bike and the glowing light cycles seen in TRON: Legacy. Riders will be able to swing the arms low for a speedy "Sport Mode" stance, or raise them up for a more ergonomically-pleasing "Comfort Mode." These modes will also affect the width of the gap between the front wheels, allowing for better handling no matter what speed the rider is travelling at.

The J will be powered by a bank of high-capacity nickel-metal hydride batteries, but there's no word yet on what range or top speed they might afford. As for production units hitting the streets, we'll have to wait and see what potential buyers think of this strange beast before Kawasaki makes a final decision on whether or not to give it the green light.

Kawasaki, via Gizmag

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