Qatar's 2022 FIFA World Cup stadium is straight out of sci-fi

Credit: Zaha Hadid

Known for her futuristic, curvy and geometrically intricate architectural creations, Zaha Hadid seems like the perfect candidate to design the stadium hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Her design firm recently released its concept for the space-like Al Wakrah Stadium to be developed alongside AECOM with the guidance of the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee.

Evoking the curvature and slender lines of a traditional Arabian dhow pearl fishing boat, the other worldly stadium reflects Al Wakrah's port city culture through its streamlined, airy and yet perfectly solid structural design. The modular stadium seats 40,000 at full capacity but can be adjusted to seat 20,000 as the number of attendees trickle down and the stadium is repurposed for usage in other events.

To protect spectators from the scorching 50 degrees-plus Qatari heat, Hadid fitted the stadium with a sun-blocking curving roof to keep things cool, alongside the power of air conditioning to keep the indoor temperature at around or below 30 degrees. Spanning a bit over 363-square miles, the Al Wakrah Stadium will be the first one to be built out of nine proposed stadiums for Qatar, five of which are slated to begin construction in 2014.

Building site preparations for Hadid's conceptual stadium will begin in January as tenders for construction are issued, with actual stadium development expected by the end of the fourth quarter of the year. No stranger to stadiums, Hadid is also designing the space-craft like stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, to be completed in 2018. Talk about tackling two big projects without any breaks.

Zaha Hadid, via dezeen

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