'iPad Pro' with 12.9-inch screen rumored for launch next year

The iPad may been "just a big iPod touch" back in 2010 (which feels like eons ago), but it's fast becoming the first computer for a lot of people, especially kids and seniors thanks to hundreds of thousands of tablet-optimized apps to choose from. Even so, neither the new iPad mini with Retina display nor the iPad Air come close to being as versatile as a laptop such as a MacBook Air. That could change next year.

According to a report from The Korea Times (translated by Unwired Review), Apple may have a 12.9-inch iPad with a resolution that comes close to Ultra High Definition up its sleeve for release early next year. The report claims LG, one of Apple's display suppliers, could already be producing the bigger screens right now.

What are the odds of Apple release an iPad with a larger screen though? If we take into account that Apple said it would never release a 7-inch iPad, but then went and launched the 7.9-inch iPad mini last year, I'd say it's entirely possible that an "iPad Pro" could be in the works.

Consider the Apple's "rule of three" lineup for its different products. Just a few years ago, Apple had three notebook categories: the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Each of those fit a different product tier: entry, mid, high-end.

The same "rule of three" applies for the iPhone as well. There are three iPhones people can choose from: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.

Now, go look at how many kinds of iPads Apple sells on right now: iPad 2, iPad mini and iPad Air. Come next year, we could see the iPad mini became the new entry-level tablet and the iPad Air moved into the middle tier. What would occupy the high-end? How about an "iPad Pro"?

Apple CEO Tim Cook's been alluding to some great products in the pipe for next year. Maybe an iPad Pro is one of them.

Via Unwired Review

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