Arduino gives new smarts to robot lawnmowers

Credit: Lawnbott

Robot lawnmowers have been around for quite a while now, but now a group of German enthusiasts are working to make them smarter and more user-friendly. Whether you've got an out-of-box robot lawnmower or you've done a bit of tinkering with the ol' riding mower to make it autonomous, chances are you've noticed that robot lawnmowers aren't really the brightest 'bots on the block. The group behind Ardumower has created a sort of secondary brain for the robo-mowers of the world, giving them more options, smartphone control, and the capacity to be personalized by individual users.

Once equipped with the Ardumower system, the robots will have access to ultrasonic sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers, a compass, Bluetooth, and a pair of Arduino boards. Users will be able to choose between controlling their lawn-bots via D-pad remotes or a number of autonomous drive systems, including pre-designated routes and sonic fencing similar to that used for pets. Still, smart as they are, there's still a good chance that your Ardumower will decide to thrash a sprinkler head now and again.

Ardumower is offering its mower brains via free schematics from the project's site here. The team is currently designing their own chassis, however, as well as some easy pre-constructed DIY kits.

Ardumower, via Arduino Blog

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