Africa's first undersea hotel room is now open

Credit: Jesper Anhede

Once upon a time, dwelling under the sea was something that people only enjoyed in Sci-Fi films, artists' renderings, and questionable TV shows. A new hotel room located off the coast of Zanzibar is helping to change all that. Tethered to the sea floor amidst the crystal clear waters and coral reefs that populate the coast of Pemba Island, this is Africa's first underwater dwelling.

All alone in the water, the suite is really only partially submerged. The bedroom sits below the waves, its windows 13 feet underwater. Topside, there's a deck for storing snorkeling gear, a bathroom, and a rooftop lounge for catching rays. The room doesn't quite compare with Dubai's planned underwater hotel, but then again there aren't any other hotel guests around to get in the way of your relaxation.

During the day, you can wander off and explore the coral reefs, while at night the room attracts nocturnal sea dwellers toward the underwater windows with its spotlights. Staying in, or even getting to, the underwater room is no mean feat, with a two-person stay running visitors a whopping $1,500. Still, the waters off of Pemba Island remain one of the few places in the world that you can stay under the waves for the night right now.

Underwater Room, via CNN

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