Solar-charged Ray-Bans charge your iPhone when the sun goes down

Sunglasses are the one accessory people normally only put on when the sun is out, so it makes sense to create a pair that has the ability to actually store the very rays they protect you from. (Why we haven't thought of the concept till now — well, blame it on the sun.)

In a concept dreamed up by students from the Miami Ad School in San Francisco, solar panels were installed on the arms of the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer, then brought to life by designer Sayalee Kaluskar. As the wearer soaks up the sun, so do the panels on the "Shama-Shades."

The stored energy can then be used to power an iPhone, simply by detaching the arms from the front frame of the sunglasses, the end of which contains a Lightning charger that can be readily plugged into your iPhone. This makes a lot of sense, since your phone will most likely be drained by the time it's dark enough to not need sunglasses, creating a window of charging opportunity and saving your device from low battery.

The shades are currently just a concept, but it's certainly a highly practical one, as well as an eco, tech and overall forward-thinking fashion statement. Sure, the arm of the sunglass power jack might look a tad bit odd sticking out of your pocket, but at least you'll have enough power from it to actually Instagram your new Shama-Shades.

Sayalee Kaluskar, via design taxi

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