Mercedes-Benz's new concept car is only drivable in a video game

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

One of my favorite cars is the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, the modern equivalent to the timeless 300SL. If you don't know either of these cars by model, maybe this will help: they're Benz's iconic coupés with the gull wing doors.

With the LA Auto Show starting tomorrow, Benz decided to jump the gun with the announcement of a new concept car that knocks the socks off the already impressive SLS AMG. Meet the AMG Vision Gran Turismo.

Wait, the Vision Gran Turismo? Isn't the second half of the name a video game? Yes, it is — and that's because the Virtual Gran Turismo is a concept car designed to exist solely in virtual form. It's a concept car designed to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the PlayStation racing simulator Gran Turismo.

While the Vision Gran Turismo is a car that has a 99.9999 percent chance of never becoming a production car in the real world, it was dreamt up with real-life function and performance.

The 1:1 scale digital car has an aluminum spaceframe and carbon fiber exterior chassis that takes on the form of "an aerodynamically efficient water drop," according to Benz's press release. Meanwhile, the interior sports red seats inspired by Formula 1 cockpits. The front grille is also worth an ogle with its integrated LEDs that can glow in different patterns. On the rear, you'll find eight (count 'em) tailpipes.

As far as digital specs, the Vision Gran Turismo weighs 3,053 pounds and has an AMG V8 birturbo engine, 577 horsepower, 590 pound-feet of torque.

According to Gordon Wagener, vice president of design at Daimler AG: "The design of this concept car reflects to extreme effect the perfect symbiosis between emotional, sensuous contours and intelligently presented high tech."

There's no denying the Vision Gran Turismo is a beaut. From front to back, the car strikes an organic and futuristic pose. It's a damn shame that it's only a virtual car that'll exist in the upcoming PS3 game Gran Turismo 6. Can you just imagine seeing one of these on the street? You'd have to call in the police to clear out the crowds it would draw.

Via Mercedes-Benz

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