Haptic wearables aim to keep you in touch with those you love

Credit: Kwamecorp

Being apart from a loved one is hard. Even today, when we can call, send a text or video chat with those we love, the distance can be hard to bear. Reaching out and touching a loved one's hand, even for just a moment, would make all the time we spend apart more manageable. And that's what the new Bond system from Kwamecorp wants to let us do.

Bond sensors come in pairs, allowing you to keep one and to give its partner to someone you care about. When worn about the wrist or as a pendant, these modular sensors can deliver caresses or tickles to you or your special someone anywhere in the world. (Well, anywhere with cell phone coverage, that is.)

Bond can be paired with any iOS or Android device via Bluetooth and has enough juice to run for a week without needing a charge. To send a tickle, you simply double tap the sensor to unlock it and then touch once more for however long you'd like to tickle your other half. Their sensor will then light up in one of five different colors and tickle them for anywhere from one to five seconds.

Kwamecorp envisions a future of numerous interconnected Bond sensors being implemented all over the world. Once they're everywhere, the company envisions Bond sensors being used like emotionally-charged Yelp reviews. Via a smartphone app, users will be able to see and feel how others reacted to a particular restaurant. Actors and musicians will be able to literally reach out and touch their audiences.

If you'd like to get your hands on a Bond of your own, Kwamecorp is currently crowdfunding the next generation of their tech on Indiegogo. There you can (as of this writing) get your own pair of Bond sensors for the early bird price of $95.

Kwamecorp, via Indiegogo

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