PS4 shot with a .50 caliber sniper rifle at 50,000 fps in slow-mo

Credit: RatedRR

Sony officially ushered in the next generation of gaming with its PS4 launch today. As is the norm with new gadget releases, YouTube's been flooded with a ton (and we mean a ton) of unboxing videos, most of which are poorly shot, and absolutely unentertaining. In other words, boooring.

Do you know what never gets old? Shooting new gadgets with a .50 caliber sniper rifle — in slow motion at 50,000 frames per second. Destruction-loving Richard "RatedRR" Ryan is back and this time he takes his firearm to Sony's shiny black box.

RatedRR's no stranger to destroying new gadgets for entertainment purposes. He's riled up the Internet a number of times before. Remember when he shot an iPhone 4S with a sniper rifle, blew up beer, incinerated an iPad with deadly lasers, and destroyed an iPad 3 with both an assault rifle and a shotgun? This guy is pure badass.

If history is any indication, RatedRR will probably shoot up an Xbox One next week, too.

Get your full Michael Bay-worthy gadget destruction down below.

Via YouTube (RatedRR)

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