Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 console size showdown


In just a few hours, the PlayStation 4 launches in the U.S (bricking and HDMI troubles not withstanding. Then, in exactly one week, the Xbox One goes on sale. It's going to be madness.

Although we've seen both next-gen consoles a handful of times and we've had the chance to preview some of the games, nobody has really sized up both consoles, side by side, console y console. The folks over at PC managed to get their mitts on both consoles and did what any geek would do: they took pictures comparing the two.

As you can tell from the gallery of photos, the Xbox One is gigantic. It's way larger than the PS4 and even bigger than the Xbox 360 S. We only wish they took pics comparing the Xbox One to the original Xbox 360 and the original fat PS3. Clearly, Microsoft decided a larger box with more venting would be a wiser decision than dealing with more overheating (Red Ring of Death) issues again.

Take a look at the comparison below and tell us which one is going into your entertainment center. 

PC, via TechCrunch

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