PlayStation 4 experiencing bricking, HDMI failure ahead of launch

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

It's time for Sony to do some damage control, as some unlucky pre-launch PS4 owners found out when they got the "pulsing blue light" of death while testing out their brand new consoles.

So far, five early PS4 owners, including one supplied to IGN and one to Kotaku, have experienced problems with bricking and freezing, particularly when updating to the new version 1.50 software (a day one requirement). One user's console froze at the 20 percent mark of the update, while IGN's PS4 worked up until a Netflix download caused the console to cease HDMI output.

The three remaining units reported on NeoGaf and Reddit didn't even get to the home screen, as each user reported their PS4s simply did not supply an HDMI signal to their TVs after being turned on. It turns out these units were shipped with a faulty HDMI jack that doesn't allow the user to fully plug in the HDMI cable, preventing it from creating a solid connection.

To make matters worse, because the units were special prelaunch cases, the early prizewinners will not be able to enjoy a working PS4 before tomorrow's launch date, which kind of defeats the purpose of winning a pre-launch console at all.

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida tweeted early this morning that the failures are believed to be "isolated incidents," as the company is looking into the issues. Still, the faulty consoles are definitely not a good sign, especially as the PS4 launch is happening in a few hours. Fingers crossed these are super, super isolated cases. It'll be one botched launch if retail units are affected.

IGN, via Examiner

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