Road flooded? This rooftop storage box turns into a row boat

We've all seen footage of people with cars stuck in deep water on a flooded road. Now, instead of becoming the subject of somebody's viral video, you could handle it like a boss with this rooftop cargo carrier that flips over to become a two-man row boat.

The Boatbox looks pretty similar to a lot of clamshell-style rooftop carriers, only this time they sculpted its shape so that the inverted cover becomes a small Optimist-sized dinghy. It includes a seat, oars, and oarlocks, and you can even add a small electric outboard if you want a little extra vroom. Personally, I think it would be cool if they added a sail and a removable keel, but now we're getting kind of fancy.

Of course, the Boatbox isn't only for flooding emergencies, and the makers point out that it can save you the hassle of towing a trailer if you want a small boat for camping. Although with just about enough room for two passengers at a squeeze, you're going to have to figure out who to leave behind on shore.

The Boatbox is available from the U.K. for about $950. That's pretty expensive for a rooftop carrier, but cheap for a boat.

Boatbox, via Treehugger

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