Video of the Day: Security cam shows Chelyabinsk impact

I still think it's amazingly cool that we've been lucky enough to witness a relatively major meteor impact. Lots of videos caught the Chelyabinsk meteor passing through the atmosphere over Russia and blowing up, and big chunks of the thing were pulled out of a Russian lake. The last piece of the story that we were missing was a video of the meteor actually hitting the ground, but what are the odds that we'd get that on camera, right?

Thanks to Russia being Russia, a security camera across that very same lake that the fragments were fished out of caught the moment of transition between meteor and meteorite, which is kind of incredible. Like, this thing had been wandering around the solar system all by itself for the last few billion years, and we managed to actually witness its violent end. It's not the greatest video, but if you just imagine what it represents, it's spectacular to see all the same.

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Via Universe Today

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