Quick! Hit the emergency pizza button

Credit: iStrategyLabs

Sometimes you just need a pizza. Calling up your local pizza joint takes time, and traversing an online ordering system can be a nuisance. Thankfully, there's now a big glowing button you can mash to make pizza appear on your doorstep. The future really is a wondrous place.

The magic button is called PiePal, and it's the brainchild of the brilliant minds over at iStrategyLabs. To order your pizza with PiePal, all you need to do is dial it's knob, selecting the number of pizzas you wish to order, and then send your order by smashing the big button at its center. Once your order has been received, PiePal lights up like an awesome pizza-delivering arc reactor. It's kind of like the easy button, except it actually does something useful.

There is a bit of initial setup in configuring PiePal. You need to select the size, type and toppings you'll be ordering every time you punch the pizza button. It's a big decision, because after that you'll be locked in, ordering pizza after pizza with the press of a single button. The Raspberry Pi-powered PiePal will then shoot your order across your Wi-Fi to your local Domino's Pizza. Hopefully you're okay with Domino's, because it's pretty much the only pizza place PiePal works with right now.

Eventually, the folks at iStrategyLabs do intend to release their genius invention upon the public. There's no word yet on what it might cost, but if you just can't wait to get in on the pizza-ordering button-mashing you can sign up to be a "beta-taster" here.

PiePal, via Gizmag

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