Lada Gaga to perform from space

The imagination does not need to stretch far to imagine avante garde pop star Lady Gaga floating around above the planet. So it should come as no surprise that the singer booked a trip aboard Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo for 2015. There, she will ride into suborbital space and sing one song as part of a festival celebrating Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Even though astronaut Chris Hadfield made it look easy, singing in space is more difficult than it seems. Gaga will undergo a month of serious vocal training to adjust for the atmosphere aboard the spacecraft. It is also assumed that she would need some sort of additional training, as well, in preparation for actually blasting off into space. And of course, she won’t be alone up there: her entourage will accompany her.

SpaceshipTwo will be launched via the WhiteKnightTwo spacecraft before being released into the upper atmosphere. After spending a brief amount of time in suborbital space, it will sail back to Earth and land on a runway. Earlier this year, SpaceShipTwo experienced its first successful test flight.

Ironically (or not), this news comes right after the release of Gaga’s latest single, Venus and right before the release of her new album ARTPOP. Gaga is also not the only celebrity booking passage on SpaceShipTwo. Others include Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher. We mere mortals can also book a ticket on the spacecraft for just $250,000.

Other celebrities are also signing on for journeys to space. Broadway star Sarah Brightman will pay around $35 million to take a 10-day vacation to the International Space Station (ISS). Obviously, the dawn of space travel and tourism is upon us, at least for those of us who have the money for it. For the rest of us? We’ll still look up at the stars and dream.

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