Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter drone records dazzling 1080p HD video

Credit: allerc

Drones have always been cool, but using them can sometimes be a headache, not to mention unrewarding in terms of video quality and range of distance. But an upgraded version of an already spec'd out drone: the Phantom 2 Vision, promises to change all that. And unlike its older brother, it now features its own HD camera, no GoPro needed.

With a solid 25 minutes of battery life and 1080p HD video recording, 14-megapixel image capture and iOS/Android compatibility, the Phantom 2 Vision is a GPS-based drone that comes ready-to-fly right out of the box. The drone features the first integrated mobile phone first-person view (FPV), which allows a real-time stream of footage from the drone camera to your phone with the DJI Mobile Vision app. An old-school drone remote control is also needed to control the drone, which comes with a HUD bracket for your smartphone as the display visual.

Like the older Phantom model, the nine-pound Phantom 2 Vision has the "return to home" ability to retrieve the drone should it lose the controller signal. The days of tightening those annoying little propeller nuts are banished with the self-tightening propeller feature, which I'm sure those with big hands and fingers will appreciate. Bright LED lights on the bottom of the drone give the operator a visual of battery status and aids in flying direction.

The Phantom 2 comes with PC calibration software for both the drone itself and the remote control, so those with a Mac are out of luck. Quality comes at a price, though, since it'll set you back $1,199. Why not just strap a GoPro to a mechanical seagull instead?

PVC, via BH

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