Curved displays that spill over a smartphone's edges now possible

Credit: Dig Info

Curvy is the new tech trend — in the future, our smartphones could sport displays that aren’t limited to the confines of a bezel border. That’s because a new type of crystal-based material created by a company called SEL (Semiconductor Energy Laboratory) makes it possible to create side-roll and top-roll OLED displays that spill over the edges of a phone.

Called C-Axis Aligned Crystal, or CAAC, this flexible, lightweight and yet super-durable material won’t get damaged from bending.  In the past, amorphous oxide semi-conductors that were traditionally used were not always reliable or as bendable.  But at less than 100 microns thick, CAAC can be bent to a diameter of four millimeters, making it the “only technology that can display a picture on bent edges.”

Bending the material also doesn’t decrease the image quality in any way. SEL’s prototype, the world’s largest plastic substrate OLED display at 13.5 inches, has an impressive score of 4K resolution at 326 pixels per inch.

Wearable technology will also be imminently possible with CAAC’s super-flexible quality, which is coupled with SEL’s bendable lithium ion battery, as demonstrated in a prototype wrist device that can be taken on and off over 10,000 times.

In future pursuit of high definition, the company also created a prototype 513 ppi display, made possible using CAAC in high-performance transistors, which SEL deems a “world class” caliber of quality. I see lots more curvy crystalline devices to come in my crystal ball!

Via DigInfo

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