The ISS is getting its own microbrewery, thanks to a sixth grader

Credit: Colorado News

Beer has never been brewed in microgravity before, and we can't say that the folks at NASA would have gotten around to trying it out on their own anytime soon. Thanks to eleven-year-old Michal Bodzianowski, though, the ISS will soon be equipped with a custom orbital microbrewery.

Being that Bodzianowski is only in sixth grade, his impetus for the experiment wasn't simply to get a few astronauts drunk — or if it was, he's not admitting to it. The idea actually came from a book that informed Bodzianowski of the ancient use of beer as a safer alternative to water: since beer is brewed, it's often perfectly fine to drink when local water may contaminated. He then figured that, in the event of water contamination aboard the ISS, beer might just save a few lives.

Once Bodzianowski's microbrewing kit arrives at the ISS this winter, astronauts will conduct history's first microgravity microbrew. Simultaneously, Bodzianowski himself will cook up a batch of the very same beer here on terra firma. The differences will be analyzed and the beers compared, and that'll be that for the experiment. On the record, at least. If it's successful, Bodzianowski's brew could spawn a whole new space-faring brewing industry. After all, we'd sure like to know what space beer tastes like.

Colorado Newsday, via ABC News

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