Image of the Day: 3D-printed microscopic monkey skull

Credit: Jason Shear

We could write articles about 3D-printed microscopic monkey* skulls all. Day. Forever. Because nothing is more futuristic and high-tech and whatever than a frikkin' 3D-printed microscopic monkey skull, man. Nothing.

These particular 3D-printed microscopic monkey skulls are designed to house colonies of bacteria instead of brains, because having a bacteria colony in place of your thinky-goo is just exactly what you want if you're a microscopic monkey without a body.3D-printed microscopic monkey skulls, or other microscopic 3D-printed containers, can be used as cages for bacteria to study them in isolation, or you can mix in other bacteria to see what happens. Apparently, the 3D-printed microscopic monkey skulls (or whatever) are created by shooting lasers into a material with the consistency of JELLO. So now we've got JELLO and lasers to go with our 3D-printed microscopic monkey skulls, and the article must end here because the addition of anything else would cause DVICE to explode.

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PNAS, via Physorg

*Technically this is a chimpanzee skull. We know that chimpanzees are apes and not monkeys, but "microscopic monkey skull" just had a certain pleasant ring to it.

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