HP outs stylish Chromebooks that charge via Micro USB

Credit: Google

Chromebooks are finally worth buying now. While we've seen affordable Chromebooks from the likes of Samsung and Acer, none of them have looked — how should we say this — so good.

HP's new Chromebook 11 is a lightweight little laptop that only weighs 2.3 pounds. It's a Chromebook, so it's not running a full-bodied operating system like OS X or Windows 8; just Chrome OS. Its 11-inch screen (1,366 x 768 resolution) is nice and sharp thanks to the 176 degree wide viewing angles.

Under the hood is a Samsung mobile processor, 16GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM — suffiecient hardware for surfing the web and wasting time on Reddit. The keyboard is a full-sized and there's a decent sized trackpad, too. But don't expect to do a Google Hangout in HD; the webcam is only VGA resolution (eww!). If you're looking for ports, the Chromebook 11 doesn't have many — only two USB ports on the left side and a SlimPort.

All Chromebook 11's come with 100GB of free Google Drive cloud storage for the first two years. But the coolest part is how the Chromebook 11 charges: via Micro USB. That's right, it charges with the same cable that you probably use to charge your smartphone or tablet. Just stop and think for a second how great that is. Forget your charger at home, and you only realize it at your hotel? No problem. Just buy a cheap Micro USB cable and adapter. What are they like $3 now?

And, there are colors. Everybody loves colorful gadgets these days!

Google's selling the Wi-Fi model now for $279 on Amazon, Google Play and Best Buy, to name a few places. A 4G LTE model will also be released, but price and release are TBD. I think Google might finally have a Chromebook winner. (Sorry, the Pixel doesn't count because it was way overpriced.)

Via Google Chrome Blog

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