Disney reinvents the curved display for project Papillon

In Disney's quest to create memorable characters, the company has just posted a video displaying a cool bit of new technology: distortion-free curved displays. The displays have been created with the aid of a 3D printer capable of creating fiber optic cables, and their designs were inspired by one of the most universal constants in nature. We first brought you news of project Papillon back in July, but a new release from Disney has shed even more light on this interesting project.

All this innovation and ingenuity clearly went into something very important, at least to Disney. Using the Fibonacci spiral as a template, Disney designers ordered a group of fiber optic cables in such a way that they could be twisted at a right angle and then curved into a dome without losing brightness or distorting the light shone through them. In short, Disney has crafted a cute new eye for its real-world critters that allows for a much wider variety of designs by separating the light source from the display screen, completely distortion-free.

With these expressive, interactive eyes, Disney can accurately emulate the eyes of their cartoon characters. For instance, the pupils can swap from normal shapes to things like dollar signs and hearts, evoking greed or romance respectively. It might be that in the future, the characters that populate Disney's parks will resemble even more closely their on-screen counterparts. To see Disney's new curved, interactive displays in action, check out the video below.

Disney Research, via Geeky-Gadgets

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