Convertible Audi scooter turns your kid into an obnoxious driver

Let's be honest, these days it's often Audi drivers who enjoy the kind of reputation for jackass driving that their BMW driving brethren had ten or twenty years ago. I'm not saying that all Audi drivers are jerks, but there are enough of them to make us me (this one's all Mike -Ed.) want to paint them with a broad brush. Of course most children want to emulate their parents, and what better way than to give junior this hideously overpriced convertible scooter that sports the four-ringed logo.

The Audi Mini Runner is essentially two mini vehicles in one, which is a good thing given its $450 price tag. First, it's a ride-on toy push bike suitable for toddlers age three and up. Remove the seat and flip over the handlebars and it turns into a kind of high-tech Razor scooter, ready for your offspring to go tailgating other kids around the playground.

Audi talks about how the Mini Runner is built with a lightweight aluminum frame produced using a special "hydroforming" process and yada yada yada, but I think the most important feature is that logo on the front. If only they could have added some menacing looking LED headlights that you could flash at the other kids as you ride on their bumpers.

Audi USA doesn't appear to sell the Mini Runner, but it is available through Audi in Britain.

Pocket Lint, via Gizmodo


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