AT&T to release FiLIP electronic leash for hyper-connected kids

Credit: Filip

Tiger moms and helicopter dads, rejoice, because AT&T has created another way to keep you and your child joined at the hip. The phone service giant signed an exclusive agreement with Filip Technologies to bring parents the gadget of their dreams: FiLIP, a wearable device that fits onto a wrist, much like a smartwatch.

But unlike a typical smartwatch, it only has the most necessary features to ensure a simple, kid-friendly UI. Parents can find location details, use voice calling and send a direct message to their child in order to know where he/she is at all times via the FiLIP app. The FiLIP device also allows parents to use its "Safe Zones" feature, which allows them to designate an area of space and will trigger a notification to their device if the child oversteps the boundary of the space.

The brightly colored watch uses GPS, Wi-Fi and cell towers to locate and track an errant child and has an emergency alert system that puts them in touch with family if necessary. God forbid if little Susie moves from the seesaw all the way to the sandbox! The device is also somewhat water-resistant and designed for a kid-level of abuse, but is not recommended for pool action.

Each FiLIP can register only up to five contacts and is able to whitelist undesired individuals from calling the device. FiLIP's red emergency button on the side of the watch allows the child to send a text message with a link to their location to the five contacts, record the ambient noise around the watch, and call the first contact on the device. The four other numbers will be called should the first not pick up, and if all five don't respond, FiLIP can be programmed to contact emergency services, which would make it a pain if it were accidentally pressed a bunch of times, though the child must hold down the button for three seconds for all this to happen.

FiLIP received FCC certification this past July and pricing and availability details will be available in the coming months for the U.S. market.

myfilip, via Engadget

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