WildCat: the speedy new galloping robot from Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has just revealed their newest creation: WildCat. With a frame that's somewhat reminiscent of their previous quadruped robot, LS3 (also referred to as mule), WildCat is actually more closely related to a cheetah. Either way you look at it, WildCat is a step forward for robotics.

Capable of untethered speeds of up to 16 MPH thus far, Wildcat can easily beat the LS3 out of the gate. And, though it tops out well below the Boston Dynamics Cheetah robot's record of 29.3 MPH, remember that WildCat is doing all this without any tethers or supports. WildCat might not actually top out at 16 MPH either: that's just the fastest it's gotten up to thus far.

It's hard not to think of the WildCat as a living thing once it gets going. When galloping, it really does resemble some sort of horse. A headless linebacker of a horse, to be sure, but a horse nonetheless. Check out the video below if you don't believe us, and no, we don't know whether you'll be able to ride it or not.

YouTube, via IEEE Spectrum

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