Waterproof smartwatch promises 30-day battery life and more

Credit: Stewart Wolpin/DVICE

Battery life for smartphones usually is measured in hours and, maybe, days. But a new smartwatch dubbed Agent coming early next year from a New York City startup called Secret Lab, with help from SoHo-based watchmaker House of Horology (I've never heard of them either), uses dual processors to divide low- and high-powered functions. Kinetic energy harvesting  — energy collected when you move the watch — helps the wearable get a week of battery life with Bluetooth (the Low Energy variety) always on and 30 days with intermittent Bluetooth use.

By contrast, Samsung's vaunted Gear smartwatch will only run for 24 hours. But like they say on TV, that's not all.

The Agent smartwatch is platform independent — it'll receive Bluetooth incoming call and text notifications, provide exercise data (heart rate, pedometer, timer, et al), weather, music control, lost phone alert and, of course, the time, from Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 handsets. It'll also run special apps designed for it.

It's endowed with Qi so it can be wirelessly charged, which means no wrestling with a microUSB cable. The price — which we'll get to in a moment — includes a small Qi charging puck. And you'll be able to customize the charging LED in the puck to match your smartphone's color.

It's waterproof. And it doesn't look as if it's been designed by teenager. It's actually fashionable.

How much would you expect to pay? How about $299 — just $50 more than the limited function Galaxy Gear.

The Agent smartphone will go out first to its Kickstarter investors (it raised more than 10 times the goal amount) and then to the rest of us sometime early next year.

Via Agent Watches

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