Solar-powered SOL Dome is a dazzling matrix of solar LED-lights

Credit: designboom

Like crows, we humans are attracted to shiny, colorful and pretty things. The SOL Dome embodies all three of those attributes in one fascinating, mesmerizing, solar-powered light display that resembles a coral-reef like honeycomb structure. Created by volunteers and London-based design studio Loop.pH for Michigan's "Fall In… Art & Sol Festival 2013," the world's first major solar art exhibition, the dazzling LED light structure weighs in at only 88 pounds and measures over 26 feet across and 13 feet high.

The SOL Dome was fabricated onsite over three days and was individually woven into circles from composite fibers. An onsite carbon dioxide sensor dictates the rhythm of the solar-powered LED floodlights and is meant to be a visual display and experience of environmental data. The structure was inspired by the molecular bonds between carbon atoms, as evidenced by its chemical-bond like appearance.

Depending on how much CO2 is present in the air at any given moment, each fiber of the SOL Dome will light up in a unique, timed pattern, making every second a different kaleidoscope of color and light patterns. The CO2 reactivity is not unlike that of a plant's, which also thrives and reacts to carbon dioxide.

The SOL Dome will be on display at the festival from September 28 till Halloween, so grab your tickets to Michigan and get SOL'd!

designboom, via Facebook

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