No biggie: Beer made with crushed moon rock

Credit: Foodbeast

Sam Calagione isn't your average beer guy. Dogfish Head's CEO and master brewer is a beer connoisseur's connoisseur. He's already tackled the resurrection of Egypt's ancient beer/currency as well as the traditional saliva-inclusive Incan brew called Chicha. But with his newest creation, Calagione may have just outdone himself.

The beer is called Celest-jewel-ale and it's been brewed with honest to goodness moon rock. Well, lunar meteorites to be precise. The moon rock Dogfish Head used wasn't a sample taken from the surface of the moon, but rather a bit of moon that came to us. To get their hands on the stuff, Calagione and Co. partnered with spacesuit manufacturers ILC Dover. They then proceeded to take hammers to the moon rock, becoming quite possibly the first food and beverage industry manufacturers of moon dust in existence.

The result of their moon dust-inclusive fermenting process was an Oktoberfest-style brew Dogfish Head is only selling in it's on-site brewpub in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. That's not because they want it all for themselves — though we wouldn't blame them — but because the limited availability of lunar meteorites means that there's only so much to go around. As for the moon dust's contribution to the flavor of the brew itself, Dogfish Head is reporting that the moon's minerals lend their creation "a subtle but complex earthiness. (Or is it mooniness?)"

We'll have to take their word for as we won't be able to make it to Delaware before this unique brew is all gone. If you're going to be in the area of Rehoboth Beach in the immediate future, pull up a stool at the Dogfish Head brewpub and order a bit of Celest-jewel-ale. They'll even serve it to you in a purpose-made spacesuit beer coozie.

Dogfish Head, via Food Beast

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