Volunteers needed to live in a Martian landscape for a year

Hey there, future Martians. If you missed the deadline to register for the Mars One colony, have we got some good news for you: there's still a chance to get your hands on a bit of Mars-style isolation in the name of science. Starting next July, The Mars Society will be sending six volunteer crew members on a year-long excursion to their Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station.

As you might have surmised from the station's name, The Mars Society won't actually be sending anyone to Mars next year. Instead the lucky volunteers will be headed to scenic Northern Canada, 900 miles from the North Pole. There they'll stay on the surface of Devon Island, a Mars-like environment if ever there was one. Once there, the crew will be expected to carry out geological surveys, take samples and perform other scientific research relevant to the human exploration of Mars.

The mission is called Mars Arctic 365, and if you're interested you'll have to act fast. Registration is slated to close by the end of November and you'll have to do a bit more than fill out a simple form to qualify. A background in geology is considered a strong plus, as is one in engineering. So, if you've got a powerful urge to get way from it all, study the surface of a Canadian island and wear a Mars-bound spacesuit, then start getting your resume in order. Who knows, you might even get a shot at travelling to Mars itself one day.

Mars Society, via Space.com

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