Image of the Day: The U.S. Navy's new guided missile destroyers

Credit: Michael C. Nutter / U.S. Navy

At some point next year, the U.S.S. Zumwalt will go into active service in the U.S. Navy. Just the look of this thing is justification enough for its existence, but here's another reason why the Zumwalt is awesome, straight out of Borderlands 2:

It shoots frikkin' rockets out of its guns.

The Zumwalt's Advanced Gun System (which may eventually be replaced with a railgun or a free-electron laser) fires Long Range Land Attack Projectiles, which are 155mm rounds with ten deployable fins for extended glide range and accuracy, plus a rocket engine in the base. The rocket doesn't add a huge amount of thrust to the projectile itself, but what it does do is generate exhaust gases that fill in what would otherwise be an area of low pressure in the projectile's wake. This dramatically reduces aerodynamic drag, increasing the range of the projectile by up to 30 perecent, to 150 kilometers. The Zumwalt's two guns can fire off 10 of these rounds per minute each, meaning that the destroyer has approximately the same firepower as twelve M198 howitzers.

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Via Business Insider

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