Give your windshield a HUD with this iPhone app

Credit: Hudway

Nature and driving don't always get along, as anybody who has experienced driving through snow, sleet, fog or just the plain ol' dark can attest to. In those situations, it's not always useful to keep looking over at a GPS or listen to a garbled-bot voice on your smartphone. Heads-up displays are a safer bet, but they can get pretty costly. But the HUDWAY app might be the answer to all that — and you don't have to spend a penny.

By using your iPhone as a projection device, HUDWAY beams a steady panel of projected directions onto a regular windshield, no special glass coverings needed. Simply lay your phone down on your dashboard (might be a good idea to stick it down so it doesn't slide off) and once activated, HUDWAY gives drivers a visual of the road along with information like current speed, the distance to the next sharp turn, and when you should be slowing down.

Dangerous turns are displayed in red colored road sections, and road markers are shown for every 160 feet to help drivers measure the distance to the next turn. You can also save and share routes from the app with friends. Internet connection is not necessary to use the app.

The app is designed to help drivers navigate difficult environmental conditions, though there's no word about how it would work in broad daylight. Chances are, the projected light would reduce in visibility as sunlight gets stronger, since it's being emitted from a regular iPhone.

Currently, the app is free on iOS, with the Android version coming in February 2014.

HUDWAY, via Digital Trends

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HUDWAY — Augmented reality on the windshield (HUD, Head-Up Display). Drive safely. from HUDWAY on Vimeo.