Stunning 'Star Wars 1313' concept art reveals more on canned game

Credit: Gus Mendonça/LucasFilm Ltd

The closure of LucasArts earlier this year sent a shockwave throughout the gaming world. How could Disney betray fans and can the awesome-looking Star Wars 1313 game that would have starred Boba Fett, the baddest bounty hunter in all of the galaxy? While the game will almost certainly never rise up from its ashes, new sci-fi-tastic concept art has surfaced from Gus Mendonça that reveals the game that could have been.

According to a report from IGN, the Star Wars 1313 would have taken place after the prequels and before the original Star Wars trilogy. The game would have followed the story of a young Boba Fett on Tattooine as he traversed through Layer 1314, a dark slum where the galaxy's most vile monsters and foes lurked.

Had game development continued, players would have been able to upgrade Fett's Mandalorian armor through the game, adding to it until he became the full-on Fett we know and love.

Additionally, IGN says its sources told them Coruscant was "meticulously detailed, with structures seen here made up of derelict ships and spare parts)." If that doesn't get your Darth Vader underoos all bunched up in excitement, you're not a real fan.

Hearing all of this just makes us even sadder, though. Luckily, there's a bunch of sweet concept art to drool over, even if the game is gone forever. 

Gus Mendonça, via IGN

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