Build your own gaming controllers with this DIY kit

Credit: inXus

If you've ever wondered just what it would take to build your own motion controller, you're in luck. The answer might usually be something like "a degree in programming and a bucket of cash," but right now there's an alternative that won't have you pulling your hair out or staring at mind-numbing walls of code.

The VERVE is a simple plug-and-play system of sensors that allows you to take regular real-world objects and turn them into video game controllers, or really whatever else you'd like create. For example, use a motion sensor and a button to turn your bike into a driving simulator. Grab a touch sensor and motion sensor to make an Angry Birds slingshot. Combine a button and force sensors to cobble together your own Minecraft axe.

The possibilities go on and on, but the real fun of the VERVE is that programming the sensors to specific actions in your games is as simple as a couple clicks of your mouse. All told there are seven different types of sensors to experiment with, each of which can be plugged into the VERVE base and then routed to your computer. The base can accommodate all seven of the sensors at once, so there's no need to pick and choose.

If you'd like to see what you can do with a bundle of unique sensors and your wits, you can pick a kit over at the VERVE's Kickstarter page. The full kit will run you $99, with extra sensor bundles available if you're planning on creating something complex. One thing's for sure: no matter what you end up creating, programming these sensors will be a walk in the park.

Via Kickstarter

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