Appliance brews beer the way a coffeemaker brews coffee

Credit: PicoBrew

You know, I never really believed people who claimed the best part of brewing your own beer was brewing your own beer. Real talk for a moment: the best part of brewing your own beer is having beer magically appear in your house. Right? Well, maybe that’s the second best part. The first is drinking it. The third is annoying your friends by bragging about brewing your own beer.

Lately we’ve seen some technology that helps you brew beer sans much work. But I’m not sure anything comes close to the PicoBrew Zymatic, which bills itself as “The first fully automatic all-grain beer brewing appliance.” You bring the water, grain and hops, and it produces beers at the touch of button, much like a coffeemaker.

Frustrated with the state of homebrewing, two brothers decided to create an appliance that's just that: a kitchen appliance. Something that can do it for you — simply and easily.

You take a recipe and program it into the machine. Then, load the ingredients in to a step filter. Fill a small 5G cornelius keg with water and attach it to the machine via hoses. Add grain to the machine’s main compartment, slip that aforementioned filter in and press start.

It also has an online database where you can share and find recipes. Guess this isn’t quite as easy as picking up a sixer from the corner store, but it’s close enough for its Kickstarter to have taken off.

PicoBrew, via Seattle Times

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