Google Glass meets Oculus Rift in this awesome headset

Try as they might, not many developers can legitimately claim that their augmented reality (AR) tech has a leg up on Google's. One of the few that can is Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). There, a team of developers have pushed their AR headset straight into the realm of virtual reality.

The headset is called the i-Air Touch and, as the name suggests, it allows for its wearer to actually reach out and touch the images projected before them. A pair of cameras, mounted atop the headset, track the user's hand motions and recognize when they've actually interacted with the virtual image.

The intended use of the headset is reminiscent of the way Elon Musk utilized the Oculus Rift and Leap motion controller to create his Iron Man interface. The difference, of course, is that this headset combines the two into a single, wearable device. The i-Air's glasses are also translucent, similar to Google Glass, meaning that you can feasibly wear them around town.

The current version of the i-Air Touch is a prototype, but the developers at ITRI claim that future versions of the headset will be smaller, lighter and less conspicuous, with its cameras hidden in the frame of the glasses. With AR tech like the i-Air in development, the world of tomorrow could become one filled with wonderful 3D sights and secure interfaces, all right in front of your nose.

Via EETimes

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