Google Glass '2' upgrade will work with prescription glasses

Credit: Google

Dorky-looking as it is, Google Glass is actually a very cool piece of tech. Problem is, Glass is kind of cumbersome if you wear glasses. You either have to wear contacts or double up with Glass on top of your prescription glasses. It's not exactly ideal. For those of you who wear glasses (myself included), Google's finally heard our cries. The company announced that any "Glass Explorer" (translation: Glass owner who lives in the U.S.) can have their wearable swapped out for the slightly newer model.

The upgraded Google Glass will "work with future lines of shades and prescription frames" and will come with a small mono earbud. It's rumored Google has been working with Warby Parker on Glass-equipped frames. The mono earbud should be a welcome addition, too, since it's usually difficult hearing sound using the built-in bone conduction. Oh, and yes, you'll be able to get a new color if you don't like the one you originally picked.

Will the new Glass be closer to this concept design or this DIY-mod? Google hasn't released any official pics of the new model yet, so hang tight.

Didn't buy the developer model or get invited to become a Glass Explorer? No biggie. All you have to do is find someone who is a Glass Explorer and have them invite you to buy your own. Google's letting every Glass Explorer invite three friends to go broke join the fun. Note, that's an invitation to buy Glass, which means you'll still have to pony up $1,500 and some tax if you want a pair.

The final commercial version of Glass is expected to arrive sometime next year.

Via Google Glass

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