Energy-saving Neurio power monitor tells you when coffee's ready

Credit: Neurio

What if you lived in a home that could tell you when your toast was ready, turn on your favorite tune when you walk into a room or when your laundry had finished drying? No, I'm not talking about an episode of the Jetsons, because all of that is already possible with a little power monitor called Neurio.

Using a Wi-Fi power sensor and pattern-detection algorithms via a cloud service, Neurio does away with having to install sensors on each separate device in your home. The successfully-funded Kickstarter device monitors electricity usage in your home via its breaker panel to figure out how efficiently it is being used and detects where you can cut down in order to save on your next bill. Solar-paneled home owners can also track how much solar power is being generated at any time.

The Neurio can even connect via its included Wattson app to detect and tell you when you've forgotten to turn something off, which is perfect for paranoid, forgetful folk like me who think the stove's still on after leaving the house.The device has an open API that is compatible with SmartThings, IFTTT or Raspberry Pi to give users the ability to sync their appliances and setup triggers that alert them by sending them messages.

Each Neurio kit comes with three components: the power monitor for your breaker panel, a cloud service to host and process your home's data and the Wattson app to help cut down electrical usage and bills. Makers and hackers can purchase an optional Trigger application to code their Neurio device.

Currently, the $99 kits are sold out, but there are a limited amount of $129 super early bird kits still available. Neurio's Kickstarter will end funding on November 15, and the kits begin shipping in April 2014, so you'll have to wait a bit for your home of the future — a small price to pay for getting a smart home.

Via Kickstarter

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