New autonomous security checkpoints can scan five people at once

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Like it or not, passing through security is part of life nowadays. Whether you're headed to a sporting event, a theme park or hopping on a plane, passing through security is pretty much a given. In its current state, a security check can not only be a choke point, but can leave you feeling abused and manhandled by the horrific rogue's gallery of security employees venues see fit to employ.

A single airport security checkpoint, for instance, usually sports around seven disgruntled TSA agents sitting around and deriding travelers as they try to make their flight. While security concerns are a given, it's this sort of emotional assault that travelers can really do without. And thankfully a California-based security firm has a solution. They call it the Qylatron, and it's an autonomous, universal checkpoint that requires only a single security agent per gate.

Thanks to an impressively streamlined screening process, each Qylatron can take the place of five of today's security lines. That's because it has five separate x-ray scanners in its central unit, meaning that five people can step up to it at once, walk through the metal detectors, and retrieve their screened bags on the other side. The x-ray compartments can only be opened with a valid ticket, so even if someone did want to steal your carry-on at security, they wouldn't be able to get into your compartment without first pocketing your ticket.

If anyone happens to be carrying contraband, the x-ray compartment will lock, turn red and display in clear text what sort of offending materials they have in their bag. So while security isn't going anywhere anytime soon, at least the long lines and angry security agents won't be as big a problem in to world of tomorrow.

Wall Street Journal, via Core77

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