Insanely detailed LEGO Optimus Prime will ion-blast you away

Credit: Orion Pax

KRE-O's not going to be too happy about this: a LEGO-loving Transformers fan has created a stunning replica of Optimus Prime, complete with the Prime truck, in all its mini glory. Master mini-bricklayer Alex Jones constructed everyone's favorite robot in stunning detail, from its silvery shoulder exhaust pipes to its rubberized, chrome-hubcapped tires.

Jones, a self-professed perfectionist, admits that it's taken years to achieve the final Transformers replica, and even goes so far as to saying that he can hear them calling "improve me, improve me again, NOW!!" In addition to Optimus Prime, Jones has also put together intricate LEGO versions of the Generation 1 series, including Soundwave, Blaster, and Whirl. The creations can all be admired and ogled at on his Transformers-inspired site, Orion Pax.

Because creating the replicas has been one of Jones' "strongest passions," he has worked on the figures since the year 2000 and has even waited for certain colors of LEGOs to be released before undertaking a certain project. For example, since dark green LEGO bricks were unavailable at the time, Jones had to wait a bit before starting construction on his HOUND replica.

Jones has also applied his insane LEGO skills to a variety of other creations like a LEGO batmobile, a NY Yankees New Era cap, Walter White's meth trailer, and even a custom Nikon FE 2 with chrome LEGO bricks.

Although every replica uses mostly LEGO bricks in its fabrication, KRE-O can take pride in one little fact: that Optimus Prime's head is actually a KREO part. Maybe it's time LEGO used its own head and released its own special edition Transformers kit in the future.

Via Orion Pax

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