Bluetooth Beartek gloves connect to your phone with a finger tap

Gadget-lovers like me hate winter: it's the one season that makes it difficult to be glued to my smartphone without contracting a mild case of finger frostbite. Sure, those North Face E-tip gloves kind of help, but they're pretty flimsy when it comes to actually keeping your digits warm and aren't very accurate.

Yet gloves that are warm enough to withstand subzero temperatures are usually quite bulky, which makes it hard to hold and let alone activate your phone. So it makes sense that Beartek would make gloves that do away with that inconvenient prerequisite. By simply tapping your thumb to any of your fingers, the glove can be programmed to activate different applications on your phone.

Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the Beartek gloves can sync to your smartphone and be configured to answer calls, control music and even film with a GoPro. A "built-in sync module" located in the wrist area of the glove is discreetly hidden via a small zip pocket so it doesn't hinder your movement. The gloves also have a dedicated on/off and lock/unlock button on the thumbnail area for easy access.

The Beartek gloves come in three different models: one for motorcyclists, snow and an everyday classic version at $145, $120 and $95, respectively. The Bluetooth and GoPro control modules must be bought separate from the gloves, and are $140 each.

BearTek, via Technabob

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