Zboard and Michael J. Fox pair up to bring you a hoverboard, sorta

Credit: ZBoard

Last month we brought you the news of ZBoard's new hill-climbing electric skateboard. At the time we remarked that we'd be saving our money for "the Hill Valley Special." We thought we were being pretty clever, but the folks over at ZBoard seem to have decided to call us on our bluff. Introducing the ZBoard Hoverboard.

Decked out in an iconic pink, yellow and green paint job, the ZBoard version of Marty McFly's hoverboard looks every bit the part — well, aside from those wheels. More to the point, ZBoard has the approval of the one man whose opinion really counts when it comes to hoverboards: Michael J. Fox. As part of the new hoverboard's debut, ZBoard has partnered with the Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Foundation.

Like the rest of the ZBoard line, the hoverboard-styled board houses an electric motor and can be propelled by stepping on a trigger embedded in its deck. The new model has a top speed of 18 miles per hour, matched only by ZBoard's top-of-the-line SF Special. At that speed, you just might feel like you're flying down the street on a cushion of air.

Riding your very own hoverboard-themed ZBoard will also send your heart zipping through the air, because ZBoard is donating all the proceeds from these limited edition boards to the Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Foundation. to that end, the two companies have launched a joint Indiegogo campaign. Head on over to the project page here to get your hands on your own electric skateboard in hoverboard pink. For a closer look at the board itself, as well as some pretty rockin' Back To The Future parody action, take a gander at the video below.

ZBoard, via Venture Beat

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