Spray-on coating gives dark pathways a glowing blue sparkle

Unless you're on a sidewalk next to a well-lit road, walking at night can be a bit frightening. With no light to see where you're going, sometimes you may need to carry a flashlight. This luminescent coating called Starpath solves that problem, by turning dark pathways into a glowing blue ribbons of light.

The coating is applied in three layers, with a middle aggregate stage that absorbs UV energy during the day, which is then released as a blue glow when it's dark. It's kind of like a high-tech version of those glow in the dark stickers you put on the walls of your room when you were a kid.

Manufacturer Pro-Teq Surfacing sees Starpath as a way for municipalities to save money, by replacing costly electric pathway lighting with the low-maintenance coating. Installing the surface takes only a few hours, leaving a durable coating that's slip and rain resistant.

So far Pro-Teq Surfacing has applied Starpath to a few walkways near their home base in Cambridge England. No word on whether they plan to market the system worldwide, or if something similar could be applied to roads in addition to footpaths. Personally, I'd like to see a yellow version so we could make a sparkly path to Emerald City.

Check out the video to see how Starpath is applied.

Pro-Teq, via CNET

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