Image of the Day: Next generation supercarrier

The Navy is preparing to float the first ever next-generation supercarrier. The Gerald R. Ford-class has a number of ultra-futuristic improvements over the Nimitz-class that it replaces; at the top of our list are the electromagnetic aircraft catapults, the next-gen nuclear reactor that provides enough power for the eventual operation of free electron laser directed energy weapons, and the plasma arc waste destruction system.

While the ship may be structurally complete (and the official christening is scheduled for next month), there's still a lot of work to do before the USS Gerald R. Ford joins the fleet in 2016. It's supposed to last until 2105, at which point teleportation technology will take over and we'll have no need for aircraft. Or that's what we're assuming, at least.

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US Navy Flickr, via Gizmodo

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