Split: A bite-controlled MP3 player in a pair of tiny earbuds

Your average pair of earbuds is usually considered to be pretty compact. The folks over at Greenwing Audio would agree with you, but they went ahead and miniaturized them anyway. What you're looking at here isn't just a pair of wireless earbuds with some sort of Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. This is Split, an entire iPod in a pair of earbuds.

Everything about Split is designed to be low-profile. The earbuds themselves are magnetic, which is a pretty smart way to make sure you don't accidentally lose one while you've got them in your pocket. Pulling them apart is also how you turn your Split earbuds on. Once apart, they'll start playing your music for you — music that's stored right inside the Split earbuds themselves.

To skip tracks or adjust the volume, just bite down lightly. One bite will skip you ahead one track, two will adjust the volume. A three-axis accelerometer inside the earbuds easily detects your chomping and translates it into commands. Once you've found the track you'd like to start listening to, you can easily lock your controls by touching the right earbud once. It's as simple as that.

The folks at Greenwing Audio have even tackled the problem of wirelessly syncing the two earbuds in a pretty innovative, sleek way. Each earbud houses its own crystal clock, enabling the two to keep perfect time with each other.

As you might imagine, the small form factor of Split does come with a couple inherent limitations. First of all, the storage space is severely limited at a max capacity of 256MB, or about 24 songs. The volume controls are also pretty basic, with only low, medium, high and mute options. The mute option actually functions as more of a standby mode, pausing Split's functionality until you resume your music. Charging and uploading songs is all done via USB cable, with a charge only lasting you about four hours.

Then again, four hours is enough time to listen to your 24-track playlist a couple times over, so maybe that's okay. If you want a pair of your own bite-controlled, MP3 playing earbuds, you can reserve a set over at the Split Kickstarter page for $155. For further info on Split, the handy video below tells you all you need to know.

Kickstarter, via Engadget

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