Fitbit's new Force fitness band leaked ahead of release

Credit: Engadget

This is the Force, an as-yet unreleased fitness band from Fitbit. We're not even really supposed to have these images yet and Fitbit itself isn't willing to comment about the Force. With that in mind, we'll just go ahead and mothball this one until it's okay to share. Just kidding — here's what we know.

Far from being something out of an upcoming Disney film about Luke, Han and Leia, the Force is a modest upgrade to the existing Fitbit Flex. There are however a couple of new features that will have fitness fanatics clambering over one another to get one. First and foremost, the Force actually features a clock. Monitoring our office wind sprints just got that much easier, I tell ya.

There's also an altimeter built into the Force, meaning that those of you out there who live in walk-up apartment buildings are gonna stop getting the shaft on your health-tracking metrics. At day's end, the wristband's "Floors" function will let you know just how many stories you've climbed since sun-up. There's also good news for you excessive sweaters out there — the Force is partially water resistant. As long as you don't persperate a couple atmospheres of water pressure over your wrists, this thing's safe.

The Force also has a physical button for conveniently cycling through its functions. Basically, the Fitbit Force is a single gadget that combines the functionalities of the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit One clip accessory into one sleek new wristband. Sources are reporting that the Force will run you just about $130. Exactly when you'll be able to pick one up, however, remains to be seen. We imagine it'll be soon though.

Via The Verge

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