Sharp's cutting board tablet helps you create perfect-sized meals

It's probably happened to all of us at one point: you look up a recipe for pancakes on your tablet or computer, put your gadget by your mixing bowl, then accidentally spill some milk or flour all over it somehow. That realization likely fueled the creation of Sharp's newest product, a prototype digital cutting board called the Chop-Syc.

The digital kitchen helper was crowned the winning idea out of a bevy of entries in Sharp Labs' #GetItDownOnPaper competition. Winner Siobhán Andrews saw her creation come to life over the course of two months during her paid internship at the laboratories, from crude sketch to chopping block.

With the initial aim of helping its users regulate portions, the Chop-Syc uses Wi-Fi to enable recipe searching and saving, then adjusts the ingredient amounts per person to maximize efficiency and make calculations easier. Chop-Syc also contains measurement tools and diagrams to display how much of an uncooked ingredient, like rice or pasta, to use for a particular sized portion. A built-in scale helps cooks weigh ingredients (for example, how many ounces of tomatoes to use in a soup) by placing it directly on the chopping board surface.

Of course, the board is essentially a tablet embedded in a wooden board, but its recipe saving, portion-measuring and built-in scale features could prove incredibly useful in many kitchens. The surface is, of course, scratchproof and treated for kitchen use and abuse, and wireless charging prevents any electrocution risk.

Chop-Syc remains in prototype form for now, though Sharp is eager to bring the product to market. One feature I would like: a recipe translator so I can finally make those complicated spring rolls I found in my mom's Chinese recipe book 10 years ago.

Via The Verge

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Inventing Chop-Syc: The interactive chopping board from Humans Invent on Vimeo.