NYC approves tallest and skinniest apartment building

New York City isn't a place that shies away from spectacle. When architectural firm SHoP Architects suggested The Big Apple play home to an emaciated beanpole of a skyscraper, the city looked over the plans and gave the project a big thumbs up. What's more, this waifish wonder won't be reserved for the headquarters of some multi-national corporation; It'll be full of apartments.

An apartment in this building (like any apartment with a view in Manhattan) will likely cost more than the gross national product of a small nation. After all, living more than 1,300 feet in the air doesn't come cheap. At a total height of 1,350 feet, as many as ten floors of residents will actually be able to look down upon the nearby Empire State building.

As with all things in NYC, there is a downside. The lot upon which the new apartment building will be constructed is a hair's breadth shy of 45 feet wide (!), meaning that everything from the elevator to the hallways in this massive structure will be fighting for square footage. Which of course means that these NYC apartments won't be winning any awards for spacious living.

The nearby 157 west 57th Street, which will briefly hold the crown of tallest building on Central park when completed, has already rented out its two 100 million dollar penthouses, so if you fancy living in one of the apartments in the new building, it looks like it's about time to start your corporate takeover of Google.

SHoP Architects, via Designboom

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