Flying car market heats up, as Aeromobile lifts off

Credit: Aeromobil

This is the sleek, lightweight Aeromobil, a flying car developed in the Slovak Republic. Up until recently, those following its development had to wonder whether they would ever see the thing fly. But now, after 20 years in development, Aeromobil has finally taken to the skies.

The flying car performed admirably in its test flight (as well as the drive to the airport), but did seem to be a little squirrely once airborne. That being said, the pilots who have logged flight time behind the wheel of a flying car are few and far between — and none of them have ever flown something quite as awesome as the Aeromobil.

Rather than appearing like a chopped up Cessna forced to drive itself down the road, the Aeromobil looks good both in the air and on the road. It fits into a standard parking space and fuels up with regular unleaded gasoline. It likely gets pretty good gas mileage too, with a frame weighing in at just around 1,000 pounds. It also boasts decent stats once it lifts off, a 430 mile range and a top speed of 124 miles per hour.

For those of you who think those numbers just aren't good enough, don't worry. The current iteration of the Aeromobil is just a stepping stone to the next prototype, version 3.0, which is already in the works. As with the entire flying car industry, only the future will tell how it takes wing.

Aeromobil, via Gizmag

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